How to Protect Your Carpet from Spills and Stains

Let’s face it, you’re bound to run into a carpet stain at some point or another. Even a home without kids or pets is prone to spills and smudges. Your carpets are a large investment. How can you make them last as long as possible and prevent spills and stains in your household?

Here are five of our best tips for protecting your carpet from spills and stains.

1) Vacumn Routinely

One of the best ways to protect your carpet is to not let dirt or dust sit and let it sink. It is a good idea to vacuum all high-traffic areas in your home at least twice per week to reduce dirt and debris and increase the longevity of your carpet. 

2) Put Down Rugs or Mats

Unlike carpets, you can easily vacuum and run small area rugs through a washer. A welcome mat at the front door can help reduce dirt and debris around the house. Small rugs in the living spaces can help protect the carpet underneath and add a decorative touch to your space. 

3) Make a No-Shoes House Rule

Having a no-shoes household is the best way to reduce dirt and debris (and germs!) and increase the longevity of your carpets. Shoes can also push dirt further down in the carpets. Leave your shoes, boots, and sneakers at the door.

4) Clean Spills Immediately

Even a home without kids or pets is prone to spills and smudges. Fortunately, you can restore your carpet with the technique and the right products, many of which might already be in your pantry or utility closet. Check out our guide to cleaning carpet stains to learn more

5) Go with a Darker Color

For high traffic areas, forgo beige, cream, or white carpeting looks. Instead, select a darker tone like blue, brown, or gray. These are likely to wear and reveal dirt than brighter shades would.

Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Dirt and dust build up in the carpet fibers can cause them to appear dull and grungy, and lead to wear and tear. Regular professional carpet cleaning services by Duraclean give carpets the refresh they need to remain healthy and fresh. The safe patented Duraclean foam absorption process eliminates over-wetting and damage to fibers and fabrics. Soil lifts out, and carpets and upholstery dry quickly. 

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