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  1. Carpet Selection: 4 Things to Consider

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    Carpet can be a wonderful flooring option and increase the comfort of your house. But with so many different colors, fibers, and manufacturers, choosing a carpet can be overwhelming. Here are a few key things to think about before you start your search.

    Choosing a Color

    Consider the following when choosing the color:

    • Consider your lifestyle. If you are a parent or a pet owner, you may realize that stains are inevitable and white carpet is out of the question for you. 
    • How big is the room? Smaller rooms can feel less claustrophobic and bigger with light-colored carpets.
    • How much use will the room get? Avoid light-colored carpets in high trafficked areas like the living room.
    • Consider the color of the paint and your furniture. Plan out a color theme and what sort of furniture you will be getting or already have. Ask the carpet dealer for a wide range of carpet swatches to match your existing décor.  

    Consider Cost

    Come prepared with a rough estimate of the size of your room and the layout. This will help determine the approximate costs for carpeting your home and help you choose the best carpet and textile for your home. Be sure to take into account cost estimates for padding, installation, seaming, the moving of furniture, and the removal of old carpet and flooring. 

    Consider the Carpet Fiber

    No carpet material is “bad.” Choosing the carpet fiber depends on what you’re looking for in your new carpet. Consider how long do you plan on living in your home? Do you have kids and pets that would require a stain-resistant and durable material? What is your budget? All these questions will help you pick the right material. A few popular ones include:

    • Wool – Wool is known to be extremely durable. Since the wool fibers are coil-shaped, wool carpets tend to keep their shape and color even in heavy traffic areas. The only downside to wool carpets is they tend to shed and need to be vacuumed regularly. Wool can also be an expensive option. 
    • Nylon – Nylon is a durable manufactured material and is the homeowner’s most popular choice. Its shape can also hold up against constant wear and tear. Nylon is also soft to touch for comfort. 
    • Olefin – Olefin is a cheap option for carpets. Its stain and mildew resistance makes it a great good indoor-outdoor carpet. But due to its very poor durability, it usually gets matted down in high-traffic areas. 

    Don’t Forget the Padding

    Even the best quality carpet won’t feel comfortable if you don’t install padding. Don’t ditch the padding to save money as you might end up regretting the decision later. Invest in thick padding to get the most out of your carpets and increase overall comfort. 

  2. Carpet Care Tips for Winter

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    As the days grow shorter and colder, people will be spending more time indoors. For homeowners, this increase in foot traffic can increase the risk of carpet stains, damage, and wear. And worse of all, you’re bound to bring mud, leaves, water, and snow into your home. It’s important to develop a proactive carpet care plan to see you through the winter months and keep carpets clean. Consider the following winter carpet tips to keep your carpets and rugs clean all winter long. 

    Keep the outside clean

    The best way to avoid dirt, water, and soils from finding their way onto your carpets and rugs is to keep the outside areas clean and maintained. 

    • Put fencing around grassy areas to avoid walking on soggy and wet grass/mud. 
    • Clean the pavements regularly to avoid bringing in mud and leaves. This will also help prevent potential slip hazards.

    Add matting

    You’re bound to bring in wet snow and ice that can quickly melt and leaves stains and moisture on your carpet. Lay down matting around the house, particularly in the entrance areas, to scrape debris from shoes and trap moisture before it hits your carpets and area rugs. 

    Keep a carpet cleaning solution or ingredients ready for emergency use

    No matter how many precautions you take, you’re bound to run into unforeseen soiling. Keep a carpet cleaning solution close by, or have ingredients ready for DIY carpet/ area rug cleaning. Click here to read our blog on how to clean common carpet stains. 

    Vacuum daily

    Muddy shoes can create unsightly stains on your carpets. To avoid this, remove dirt daily with good quality, high suction vacuum daily to avoid permanent stains. 

    Remove salt stains immediately

    If some salt does get tracked onto the carpet, remove it as soon as possible to reduce the risk of permanent staining. Use a simple mixture of water and dish soap and blot the salty area. Then blot the area again with clean water and soak up any excess moisture with a dry towel.

    Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

    In some instances, home remedies for carpet stain removal may not be enough. This is when an experienced, professional carpet cleaning company like Duraclean should be called upon to remove dirt, detergent, stains, and moisture. The safe patented Duraclean foam absorption process eliminates over-wetting and damage to fibers and fabrics. Soil lifts out, and carpets and upholstery dry quickly.

  3. Removing Pet Urine From Carpet

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    DIY Dog Urine Carpet Cleaning vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

    No matter how well potty trained your dog or cat might be, accidents happen. If the accident happens on a carpet or rug, cleaning it up incorrectly can lead to permanent stains and foul odors. 

    For small, isolated incidents, you can likely tackle the stain and smell by yourself. For larger problems, such as numerous pet urine accidents or badly saturated areas, removing the smell and stain will likely require professional help.

    DIY Dog Urine Removal

    For small, isolated urine accidents, follow these steps to get rid of the stain and odor. 

    • Start by cleaning up excess urine. 
    • Make a cleaning solution of 2 cups of vinegar, 2 cups of warm water, and 4 tablespoons of baking soda and blot on the stain. This will not only help remove the stain but will also help neutralize the odor. 
    • Let the solution sit for 5-10 minutes. Use a towel or a bunch of paper towels and press firmly into the area to try and draw out as much remaining liquid as possible.
    • Let the area dry and then vacuum. If the odor is still present, sprinkle the area with more baking soda, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and then vacuum it away.

    Large Urine Spots, Multiple Accidents, or Old Pee Stains

    In an ideal world, you’d catch your pet in action, but there are times when it takes days to notice a pee stain on your carpet, or there are stains in multiple areas of the carpet. You could try to DIY major dog urine issues, but it may be futile at the end. 

    In these instances, home remedies for carpet stain removal may not be enough. This is when an experienced, professional carpet cleaning company like Duraclean should be called upon to remove dirt, detergent, stains, and moisture. The safe patented Duraclean foam absorption process eliminates over-wetting and damage to fibers and fabrics. Soil lifts out, and carpets and upholstery dry quickly. 

  4. What to Know Before Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company

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    Carpets are among the most frequently used items in the house. Over time, they can collect many germs, dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria, pet dander, and human hair. Due to constant foot traffic, these microbes and bacteria can stay hidden in carpet fibers for a year if the carpets are not regularly cleaned.

    While you can try to clean the carpets on your own, hiring a carpet cleaning professional provides the best results for almost the same cost as renting a cleaning machine and doing it yourself. Knowing what criteria to look for and what questions to ask can help you save time, money, and stress.

    1. Ask for referrals. If you know someone who has hired cleaners in the past, ask about their experience. Check online reviews to see what people are saying to hire the best carpet cleaners in your area. Nextdoor is also a great app to ask your neighbors for recommendations. 
    2. Their customer service. During your search for the right carpet cleaning service, do take the time to speak with them either via phone, email, or another method of communication. See how quickly do they respond to you and if they address all your questions and concerns. 
    3. Ask for insurance and certifications. Find out about license and insurance requirements for contractors in your state. The last thing you want to do is hire a company that’s not a legitimate business. A “yes” answer should mean the carpet cleaners are prepared to give you evidence of his/her bonding and insurance. 
    4. Get written, itemized estimates. Don’t just go with the first company you contact. Get multiple estimates and compare the cost, quality of work, and warranties. Compare quotes to save money but be sure to choose the provider that gives a quality service. Remember, sometimes cheap services come with cheap results.
    5. Check what equipment and cleaning technique will be used. Find a company that has a fast extraction and drying process. Steam cleaning is the most common technique professional carpet cleaners use and the method recommended by many carpet manufacturers.

    Duraclean Restoration and Cleaning, located in Pleasantville, NY, provides Duraclean®’s patented cleaning services for residential and commercial customers. Our certified, licensed, bonded, insured experienced technicians will clean your home or restore your carpets to pre-loss condition. The safe patented Duraclean foam absorption process eliminates over-wetting and damage to fibers and fabrics. Soil lifts out, carpets and upholstery dry quickly…Flower fresh, really clean.